Question: How Do You Put Paper In A Sprocket Plus?

How do you connect a sprocket plus?

Tap sprocket and then Printers to pair your printer with your mobile device or tablet.

A pop up message will direct you to Android™ Settings to pair your printer.

Select the printer from the list of available devices..

Can sprocket print while charging?

Printer can be used while charging. Fully charged Device is fully charged. Powering on/Receiving print job LED flashes white when powering on and when receiving a print job. Printer error When a print error occurs, the LED will flash red.

Why won’t my sprocket 200 turn on?

If the printer does not turn on when you press the Power button, reset the printer to clear any errors. Remove the paper cover. Locate the Reset button. With a paperclip or pin, press and hold the Reset button for 3 seconds.

How long does it take to charge a sprocket 200?

30 minutesConnect the USB cable to the printer and a USB power supply. Charge the printer for 30 minutes or until the Charging Indicator light turns green.

How do you update a sprocket?

On your mobile device, make sure it is connected to the Internet, and then open the HP Sprocket app. If there is a firmware update available, a firmware update screen displays. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the update. Update the software on your mobile device.

How long does a sprocket take to charge?

90 minutesHP recommends you charge the printer up to 90 minutes or until the power light turns green. However, you can charge the printer for longer than 90 minutes, which might increase battery life.

Does Zink paper expire?

However, he confirmed that the the Zink paper DOES NOT EXPIRE, because the crystals on the paper are activated by the heat from the printer, and they do not deteriorate in any other way (he really sounded like he knew what he was talking about). Hence – ignore the expiry date on the paper.

Is Zink paper interchangeable?

Answer: Yes. As long as you have ZINK 2×3 sticky back photo paper it will work. HP recommend using theres, but any will work.

What paper can you use for HP sprocket 200?

ZINK photo paperYou can use the HP Sprocket app to edit and filter your photos, then wirelessly send them to the printer via Bluetooth. The printer uses ZINK photo paper which has a peel and stick backing, so you can use the stickers to decorate your personal belongings and apply them to almost any flat surface.

How do you reset a sprocket printer?

How do I reset my printer?Turn on the printer.Locate the Reset button near the charging port.Gently insert the straight pin into the reset button access point, and then press the Reset button for 3 seconds. The printer resets and turns off.Turn on the printer.

What paper works with HP sprocket?

Zink / HP photo paperThe Sprocket is rechargeable through a Micro USB, connects to your phone through Bluetooth, and requires Zink / HP photo paper to work.

Why is my sprocket light red?

If the Status Indicator light is blinking red, the printer is in an error state, and an error message displays on the HP sprocket app. For more information, go to Blinking Red Status Indicator Light. If the Charging Indicator light is blinking red, the battery has a very low charge, or is unable to charge.

Why isn’t my sprocket connecting to the app?

Make sure your mobile device settings allow a connection with your Sprocket. Turn on the Sprocket. On your mobile device, open the Bluetooth settings menu, and then make sure Bluetooth is enabled. Check the settings on your Android or iOS device.

What does the orange light on my sprocket mean?

Amber Charging, 90-99% charged Device is nearly charged. Red Low and Critically Low Charge Device has a low battery and is charging. The color of the Status LED Indicator Light can be personalized in the sprocket app. … Check the Charge LED light for battery status.

Which is better HP sprocket or sprocket plus?

One key difference between the two Sprocket printers is that the Plus model now wirelessly connects to your phone over Bluetooth 4.0 (vs. 3.0 on the smaller Sprocket), which in theory, should enable a more stable and faster connection. In addition, the Plus packs a bigger 900mAh battery (500mAh on the Sprocket).

Can you use Sprocket paper in sprocket plus?

No, the 2×3-inch size paper will not work with the HP Sprocket Plus printer. The only paper that works with the new Sprocket Plus Printer is HP Sprocket Plus Photo Paper, 2.3×3. 4-inch. … Make sure you buy the right size paper!

How do you reset a sprocket plus?

Slide the paper cover Locate the Reset button. Gently insert a straight pin into the reset button access point, and then press and hold the Reset button for 3 seconds. The printer resets and turns off.

Can you use normal paper in a HP sprocket?

The sprocket is not capable of using “regular” photo paper (or any other paper). It uses “ZINK” technology which is similar to a Poloroid snapshot.

Can you use Polaroid Zink paper with sprocket?

I decided to see if you can use Polaroid zink paper with the HP Sprocket — and you definitely CAN! It works perfectly. … The blue little card is what lets the printer know that you have the right paper, so just swap out the Polaroid card with the HP card when you load in new paper, and it’ll work perfectly.